What is a Reformed Baptist?

The term "Reformed Baptist" is oftentimes an unfamiliar one in today's Baptist circles. This page provides a brief overview of some of the core beliefs of those who consider themselves Reformed Baptists. Although there is no set definition of the term or requirements for assuming the title, here are a few major beliefs which most Reformed Baptists share:

In addition to holding to the above listed beliefs, many Reformed Baptist churches are "confessional." The term confessional refers to the practice of having an established confession of faith.  These documents state the specific beliefs of the church on major doctrines such as the Bible, the Trinity, salvation, etc. Some popular confessions of faith among reformed churches include the 1561 Belgic Confession, the 1647 Westminster Confession, and the 1689 London Baptist Confession.

In summary, Reformed Baptists take the Word of God seriously. While our beliefs are firmly rooted in the doctrines and traditions passed down from the Protestant Reformation, we also desire to be continually reforming our beliefs and practices to the Word of God.